Residential Collection

Park it, Point it, Space it.

Please ensure you have 3 feet of clearance at the front, back, sides and top of your bin.
To avoid littering garbage during collection, the lid of your cart MUST CLOSE. Any carts with overflowing waste will be stickered and NOT collected. Please note! Extra bags and/or cans of garbage will not be collected!
The waste carts have a 200-pound weight limit. Use your black waste cart for household waste ONLY to keep within the 200 pound limit.
To avoid missing pickup, please have your carts out before 7 AM on the morning of your collection day
Blue Bag Recycling pickups are every other week on the same day as your waste pickup.

Click here for the 2015 Collection Schedule!

To report a missed garbage or bluebag collection, please contact The Town of Drayton Valley at 780-514-2200.

To arrange for an additional cart or for repairs to your existing cart, please contact Ever Green Ecological Services at 780-417-2282

What can I bring to the landfill?

The Aspen Waste Management Facility is a Class II landfill that accepts non-hazardous materials.

For a list of restricted and prohibited materials please click here.

If you have a question regarding a material you would like to bring to the landfill, please contact MCL Aspen Client Services at

What does the landfill charge?

Please click here for the landfill rate schedule. There is a $5.00 minimum charge on all chargable waste loads. Charges are payable by cash, cheque, debit, Visa or Mastercard at the time of the haul.

If you have any questions regarding landfill charges, please contact MCL Aspen Client Services at 780-542-6190.

Who do I call about my garbage collection?

Do you need a copy of the schedule? Are you sure your bin meets the distance requirements? Click here for more information about your residential curbside collection.

To report a missed garbage or bluebag collection, please contact MCL Aspen Client Services at 780-514-2200.

To report a damaged tote cart or to order an additional cart, please contact Evergreen Ecological Services at 1-780-417-2282.